Friday, August 08, 2008

Talking on the bus

Patients are, for the most part, moved around on busses. Some busses are equipped to hold litters, some are set up like I remember in third grade. Patients laying down on litters often have little to look at other than the roof and a whole lot on their minds. I'll get on the bus and ride with patients when I can to offer an ear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was able to keep up with your adventures through the missives you sent Cherie. You have been in my daily prayers and I am thankful that you are now safely home. Last month I read a book by Dr. Hiedi Kraft titled, The Second Rule, lessons learned in a combat hospital. It was about her tour in Iraq as a psychologist in the reserves. She was based at a MASH like unit that then sent their patients on to Germany. So, reading your accounts was like a continuation of the book. Check out this site for more info regarding her story.

22/8/08 18:31  

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